What we do

“Culture is the way we do it here,” said Anaïs Nin

Yet when this neutral way of putting it becomes a value judgement – “That’s how we do it here. We’ve always done it like that.” – it can sow the seeds of conflict. It is a thoroughly understandable attitude at the human level because we find the unfamiliar unsettling. But in business it is destructive – and costly as well.
That is why our services aim to make our clients more familiar with a foreign culture. We provide

  • background on the country’s culture, such as history, geography and religion
  • understanding of customs, values and rituals
  • an awareness of the business culture’s influence on ways of working, behaviour and what people understand by commitment and reliability.

We offer “train the trainer” courses for mentors and sponsors, for example those helping international staff get integrated into German culture.

Interkulturelles Management

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