About Angela Henke

Angela Henke

Dipl. Volkswirtin

Well-founded expertise, comprehensive international management experience and empathy are the qualities I believe are needed for successfully communicating intercultural competence. My work in a leading position for SMEs with foreign subsidiaries, as well as for international corporations, laid the foundations for my own intercultural management skills.

Qualifications gained as a trainer and coach coupled with ongoing certifications, MBTI, TMS, DISC and IRC as well as Change Management, Systemic Constellation Work, Mediation, Conflict Management and Leadership have broadened my expertise in key areas.
A business career spanning more than 30 years, plus cooperation with international trainers, enables me to gauge my clients’ potential reliably. That is the basis for providing you with seminars, training and coaching tailored to your individual, specific professional situation.
My personal focus is French culture. With my team of experienced international trainers, I provide intercultural management worldwide.

Interkulturelles Management

Angela Henke, Dipl. Volkswirtin
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